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I hope this is the right place to post feature requests. I have a few suggestions for this great piece of software.

- Line Spacing (Single, 1.5 and Double)
- An option to turn on/off paragraphs. StoryBox seems to indent paragraphs automatically when I press [enter] and there doesn't seem to be away to turn it off.
- Line Notes, so the user can add notes to their writing. When the manuscript is printed, these notes wouldn't be printed and line notes don't add to the word count statistics.

Nanda Send private email
Wednesday, October 07, 2009
I'm sorry it took so long to respond to this. I forgot to check here. Won't make that mistake again.

Anyway, I'm pretty much planning to do all of this in some fashion or another.
Mark Fassett Send private email
Friday, October 23, 2009
Indentation issues should be taken care of with the latest release (Mark crosses his fingers).
Mark Fassett Send private email
Monday, October 26, 2009

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