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Purchased! (and a feature request)

Hi Mark,

I've been using Storybox to write a couple short stories recently, and like it enough to throw down $25 (and I'll get early adopter bragging rights in the future when Storybox is the novelists' standard). There is only *one* feature it lacks that would keep me from ever looking elsewhere for another editor:

Inline notes. Liquid Story Binder (yes--bloated, cumbersome LSB) has this and I can't do without it. I almost can't do without it, because it's the best way to handle line and paragraph-level notes. Storybox's 'Notes' section is good for document-level notes, but not sentence level. And I use a LOT of those.

Here's a screenshot if you're not familiar with it: ('Create a writing or publishing journal', 'Create a character specific journal', etc.). These inline notes can use a separate font and color, but what is important to me is that they are reverse indented. Any line that begins with a double period ("..") receives this automatic format change as you type; no menus or hotkeys necessary. A carriage return sends your cursor back to normal body text. They are effortless to create and soooo easy to quickly scan through, or ignore, depending on what edit mode you are in mentally.

I LOVE this feature. I would dance a jig if Storybox could implement something similar in the future. I know every wish doesn't come true, but I'd like to know what you think--and if any other users would find this feature valuable!

Andrew S.
Monday, October 4, 2010
Hey Andrew,

Thanks for the purchase! :)

An inline notes feature of some sort is on the list of things for 2.0. I can't say yet what they'll look like visually, but I intend for the creation of notes to be just as easy as LSB.
Mark Fassett Send private email
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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